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Finally I finished my second Angel/Rogue story: Thaw. It is a one-shot filled with fluff and Bobby-bashing. Rogue and Bobby's relationship isn't going to well after the cure wore off and Rogue's powers came back. Rogue seeks comfort in Angel, and together they discovers something that will change their life. Hope you aren't a fan of Bobby, because I don't treat him nicely. T-rated for language. Otherwise, read and enjoy. As allways, read this and the rest of my X Men fics on Please review, reviews is my drugs!

To all of you Angel/Rogue fans from Mia

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Victoria Frances
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A Friendly Game of Poker

This is my view (one of them) of how Angel and Rouge hook up. To sum the story I can say as much as that it involves Rouge, Angel, a deck of card and a black-out.  Read it and enjoy. The rest of my fanfiction can be found on  BTW; I love getting feedback from my readers! (Just a little hint...)

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Fanfic> Never a Bride... Yet

Title: Never a Bride... Yet
[info]15pairings Prompt: #15: Always a Bride.
Fandom: X-Men Movie
Pairing: Rogue/Angel
Rating: K+
Warning: Post-X3 with the alternative scene where Rogue didn't take the cure.
Disclaimer: To my greatest disappointment, I have to inform you that Rogue and the other X-men do not belong to me. If they DID, however, I wouldn't be writing this, now would I?